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It’s A Journey. The MUST-HAVE Roadmap to Successful Succession Planning

A Different And More Successful Approach to Business Transition

This award-winning book is your compass mapping out the step-by-step actions you must take to navigate the complicated terrain of private & family business transitions. Create wins for yourself, successors, family, and company.


7 Principles of Successful Business Succession Planning

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Join the group of 100-percenters: business owners who have used the authors’ tools and processes to choose and mentor capable successors, position their companies for success, and go on to live happy and meaningful lives.

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Author Elizabeth Ledoux
Founder of The Transition Strategists

Elizabeth Ledoux is the founder of The Transition Strategists, an international boutique consultancy offering transition and succession planning strategies to family and private businesses as well as individuals.

Author Laura Chiesman
Owner and President of FirstWave Financial
For over 25 years, Laura Chiesman has developed financial planning and wealth management strategies for successful individuals, families, and business owners to enable them to achieve their immediate and lifetime financial goals.