Elizabeth Ledoux

Elizabeth Ledoux is the founder of The Transition Strategists, an international boutique consultancy offering transition and succession planning strategies to family and private businesses as well as individuals. She is also a thought leader and sought-after speaker, addressing the topics of business succession planning, navigating transitions for companies and leaders,  strategic growth, and the business journey.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Elizabeth has compassionately and effectively helped hundreds of business owners navigate the complex family dynamics that come with family business shifts. She believes that whatever you want to achieve in life and in business is possible when the relationships that surround and support you are whole and intact. One hundred percent of the family businesses that Elizabeth has helped are thriving, a track record that crushes the dismal statistics related to the transition of family businesses.

Elizabeth is an entrepreneur at heart and has founded several businesses, including BizMultiplier LLC, SofTeach, and ROCG. In 2003 she was named as an owner of a Top 100 Women-Owned Business in Colorado. The Harvard Business School has recognized Elizabeth’s work linking the growth and development of the entrepreneur to company success.

As a fifth-generation Coloradoan, Elizabeth loves the outdoors. When not on the slopes, she is golfing, fly fishing, or enjoying nature.

Elizabeth serves as a Denver Chair for TIGER 21, the premier peer membership organization for high-net-worth wealth creators and preservers. She served as the Denver Chair and Calgary Chair of the Women Presidents’ Organization.

In addition to It’s A Journey, Elizabeth is a coauthor of Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Flight: How to Energize Value and Entrepreneurial Growth (2013) and Understanding the Growth of the Entrepreneur: How to Accelerate Your Growth as an Entrepreneur (2014).

Learn more about Elizabeth’s work in developing and implementing successful transition strategies at www.TransitionStrategists.com.